Recent Testimonials


“Incredible photography, matched only by your presence. Breathtaking. Some of the B/W outdoor scenes reminded me of Ansel Adams work. When I first saw your work I did not say much, words did not come to me. Mind, speech and breath all came to a halt. Incredible beauty and presence. And talent. What a talent. I think the infa-red is the most powerful.”

“Great applications of infrared, both B&W and color!”

“I just read your story and saw your photography in the February issue of ‘High Noon Smoke Signals.’ I am wowed by your photos! Honestly!!”

“The picture arrived in perfect shape, is beautifully framed and was so well packaged that we were both quite impressed. We are very pleased with the picture itself. Thank you. We are very appreciative of your artistry and have enjoyed being in communication with you.”

“I ordered one of your calendars. It is BEAUTIFUL! What a beautiful piece of work. If I had known it was that nice I would have asked you to autograph it for me. So I am so pleased with it. Nice heavy paper, nice places to write. And the pictures are just amazing. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

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