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““Photography captures a time and place in history that will never again occur. Through my lens, I capture those moments for all time.” For over 25 years, Nadine Levin has been capturing the beauty of the world that surrounds us through her innovative and elegant photography. Her images are a reflection of the woman behind the lens. Often riding horseback to capture her Western images, she creates a uniquely feminine portrayal of this predominately masculine and conventional world. Conversely, her infrared images reveal her contemporary vision and desire to expand her art beyond the traditional. Nadine has loved photography since she was a child, and has honed her craft throughout her life. What she sees through her lens is what she presents to her audience. And, while her infrared photography, by its very nature, changes the colors of our world, the essence of her subjects remain honest and true. Nadine believes that work that evokes emotion is the mark of true art, and this is what she strives to accomplish. Whether peace, awe, bewilderment, anger or a longing to be in the scene, Nadine wants her viewers to feel something when they look at her work. She has traveled extensively to capture the images that you see in these galleries, but her true love still lies with the American West.

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I am very happy to announce that my show at McLarry Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe went so well that all consumer sales will now be handled by McLarry Fine Art Gallery. The McLarry Fine Art Gallery Website now offers a selection of my work. Additionally, any work seen on my own website will be available for sale through McLarry. I will personally handle all commercial accounts and my calendars remain available for purchase through this website.

View my work on the McLarry Fine Art Website

While sales are being handled by McLarry Fine Art, I am always available for consultations about pictures and I enjoy speaking with my clients directly when they have questions or are looking for a certain type of picture. I have many, many images that are available for sale that are not on this website so if you are looking for something specific let me know.



Majestic Creatures


Buffalo Hill Lookout


Mt. Kidd


Quiet on the Ridge

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